1/24/2013 7:56:00 PM
Collaboration plans

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Dong Thap University continues to seek partners and expand cooperation with universities and organizations through programs, projects, scientific research and academic exchanges.

Constructing plans for international cooperation in scientific research; promoting international workshop activities to meet the development needs of the school, focusing on the areas of teacher training at all levels, environmental education,  arts and culture, tourism;  investing equipment for research of the school. Improve foreign language for faculty members of Dong Thap University. Carrying out teacher exchange programs with foreign universities and organizations.

Continuing implementation and seek cooperation with the Fulbright organization in Vietnam, the international cooperative education program in the region. Finding new sources of scholarships to study abroad for faculty members and students, looking for exchange programs of faculty or students. Seeking sponsors for supporting materials, syllabus, equipment in training at Dong Thap University