5/25/2023 10:50:00 AM

On the afternoon of May 24, Dong Thap University's representative had a meeting with the delegation of the Consulate General of China in Ho Chi Minh City, LuThai Group, and Shandong Vocational College of Science and Technology.

At the meeting, representatives of LuThai Group, Shandong Vocational College of Science and Technology, and Dong Thap University gave a brief introduction and clearly stated the strengths of each to the others. On the basis of mutual trust and benefit, the three parties will fully promote their advantages to enhance economic and social benefits and expand social impacts.

                                                             A scene of the meeting

This Strategic Cooperation Agreement includes terms on promoting cooperation between the 3 parties such as fostering working capacity, training practical and creative competencies for students, and conducting exchange activities in which lecturers of Dong Thap University will come to the enterprise to research and experts of the enterprise come to lecture at the institution.

                       Representatives sign a 3-Party Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Over the years, Dong Thap University has established close cooperative relationships with domestic and foreign enterprises, especially in the field of training human resources in the Chinese language. Particularly, Continental Textile Co., Ltd. of Luthai Group, which has cooperated with Dong Thap University since 2016, has received a total of 111 students from Dong Thap University to conduct internships at the company, and 92 of which were officially recruited afterward.

After discussing to get an agreement, the 3-Party Strategic Cooperation Agreement between Dong Thap University (Vietnam) with LuThai Group and Shandong Vocational College of Science and Technology (China) was signed.

   Mr. Xu Chau - Deputy Consul General of China in Ho Chi Minh City gives a speech at the meeting

Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Xu Zhou - Deputy Consul General of China in Ho Chi Minh City, shared: "For the sake of industrialization and modernization, China will open its door widely and consistently deepen its relationships with all countries in the world. And this is the right time to conduct cooperation in Chinese language education. I hope that the 3 parties will coordinate well and optimize the potentials of each one to improve the quality of cooperation to form a new cooperation model "Chinese language + vocational education" between the two countries, contributing positively to enhancing the friendship between Vietnam and China.

                                              Delagates visit the university’s campus


                                                                                                         News and photo: Hoai Phong
                                                                                                         Translation: Le Chanh Truc