10/22/2012 3:47:00 PM

I. Function
Consulting the Rector in making strategies, tendencies and plans of international relations.
Promoting the relationship among the Universities in Vietnam as well as the schools, countries, individuals, governmental and non-governmental organizations in the world according to Vietnam law to make Dong Thap University become a high graded one in Mekong Delta as well as in Vietnam.

II. Mission 

1. Constructing international strategies.
  • Consulting the rector with international strategies.
  • Constructing international cooperative plans with the Rectorate Board's guidance, cooperating with other related departments to carry out the plans.

2. Constructing international relations.
  • Contacting international partners and organizations on relation and cooperative items.
  • Combining with other departments in preparing documents for exchanging, negotiating and signing.
  • Carrying out, watching for and promoting international programs and evaluating them as well.
  • Receiving, disposing and restoring the materials, documents related to foreign organizations and individuals.
  • Constructing process, regulations and procedure for foreign activities corresponding to Vietnamese law.
  • Combining with other departments in organizing international workshops at the University.
  • Occasionally collecting and updating new information, documents related to international relations. Seeking international potentials, scholarship for teaching staffs and students.
  • Contacting International Relations of Ministry of Education and Training to carry out the programs as planed.

3. Reception and Management. 
  • Planning for coming and going groups; combining other related departments to carry out the plans.
  • Combining functional and major departments in preparing the content, programs, importing- exporting procedures for the delegations.
  • Consulting the Rectorate Board, combining other departments in selecting candidates for exporting and the delegations for importing which meet the University's needs.
  • Contacting Vietnamese diplomatic institutions in foreign countries to get necessary information and to closely manage the importing and exporting delegations.

4. Managing foreigners in the University.  

  • With Students Service Center and Facilities Management & Technology Department, help foreign volunteers working at the University.
  • Combining Administration and Personnel departments and faculties in managing and preparing  importing- exporting procedures for the delegations.

5. Combining and helping other departments in international relations
  • Guiding, helping other departments, faculties, centers in international relations.
  • Combining Accounting Finance Department in proposing finance for international activities.
  • Combining functional and major departments in carrying out international plans.