6/26/2020 8:48:00 AM
Farewell Party for foreign volunteer teachers

On 19th June, a farewell party was organized by International Affairs Office and Department of Foreign Languages
Teacher Education for Mr. Andy – an English volunteer teacher and Ms. Lai – a Chinese volunteer teacher at
Dong Thap University. Mr. Andy and Ms. Lai were enthusiastic and responsible teachers with full commitment for
the past time and their contribution had positive influences on the students’ language proficiency. 

On this occasion, the university gave a Certificate of Appreciation to Mr Andy and Ms Lai for their great contributions
to the teaching and learning activities at Dong Thap University.

Many students have made short clips to show their love, respect and deep gratitude to the two foreign teachers.
Mr. Andy and Ms. Lai helped students practice speaking and inspired them to be eager for language learning.
Many students was able to overccome the obstacles and then became good language users.

news: Van Tien